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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities allow students time for enrichment, socialization, and other pursuits beyond the classroom. First and foremost, students must maintain their strong academic standing and good behavior to enroll or participate in extracurricular activities.

BASIS Scottsdale reserves the right to revoke extracurricular participation for students with excessive unexcused absences, excessive tardiness, repeated discipline violations, and/or academic deficiencies. Additionally, it is essential that those participating in extracurricular activities arrive on time. Late arrival to extracurricular activities may result in the student being removed from the program.

Students are dismissed from after-school programs at pre-arranged times indicated in the Extracurricular Program. Students are expected to go directly to the parking lot where parents/guardians must promptly pick up the student. Parents must wait for their student outside. If a student is waiting more than ten minutes after dismissal from activity, he/she will be placed the Late Bird Program and charged a drop in fee.

In the infrequent event that an extracurricular activity conflicts with a student’s course schedule (i.e. leaving early to attend a tournament or an early game), it is the student’s responsibility to provide advance notice to those teacher(s) whose classes they will miss. Students must complete a Teacher Acknowledgement Form- Field Trip/Extracurricular Absence, available at the Front Office, and turn it into their Activity Manager prior to the event. In the case of a missing an assignment, test or quiz, students must communicate with the teacher about appropriate make-up times. Teachers have the right to insist on same-day make-ups in order to best maintain test or assignment integrity.

Payments to BASIS Scottsdale
BASIS Scottsdale CANNOT accept any payments at the school site. All payments will be invoiced and can be paid through the SMART for Charters payment system. Each BASIS Scottsdale family should establish an account at If you have a returning student and you’ve already established an account, this information will be carried over to the new school year.

SMART for Charters is a third party billing application that provides efficient collection services and allows for greater flexibility in payment options. Families will receive emailed invoices for any authorized fees that have accumulated in the month. Extracurricular activities, elective materials fees, locker rentals, optional supplies, field trip fees, graduation fees, and the Late Bird Program are examples of fees that may be invoiced. Families will always be notified in advance of the fee structure and their options. BASIS Scottsdale also provides financial assistance to families that qualify. If you receive an invoice you believe to be in error, please contact the Auxiliary Programs Coordinator at (480) 451-7500.

On occasion there are low cost items or activities available to students on campus. If the cost is less than $20.00, students may be allowed to sign and participate without pre-authorization from parents. These items may appear on your invoice. Please discuss this in advance with your student(s) and establish clear guidelines for these small expenditures.




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